Creating awesome websites since 1981

JanJan is a small web design studio from Croatia. We love what we do & we’d love to work with you on your website.

Why work with us?


We bring ten years of professional experience to the table. With hundreds of projects under our belt, we know how to tackle the obstacles.

Making Websites is Fun

Our job is a lot of fun and we'll make sure you enjoy the experience, too. This attitude brings great results, as you will find out yourselves.


It's not your job to be in touch with the latest stuff in the web design world. We'll bring you up to speed and explain everything that needs explaining.

Attention to Detail

The devil really is in the detail. We're proud that we give extra attention to the details, be it in the design or the coding departments.

Web Standards

We build websites following web standards. This means we make websites that work in all browsers. Oh, and on tablets and smartphones, too.


We'll live up to our end of the bargain and make super sure we meet all the deadlines. Our job may be fun, but we do take it seriously.

Contact us at hi @ janjan.in